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Assistive Devices Program

A person may apply for ADP funding every 5 years. ADP will pay the ADP registered vendor 75%, up to a maximum of $500 ($1000 for two hearing aids), of the cost of the hearing aid listed with ADP. This includes the earmold and dispensing fee.


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Workman’s Safety Insurance Board (W.S.I.B.)

The W.S.I.B. may pay for the provision, replacement, or repair of hearing aids and related accessories, and hearing assistive technologies where entitlement has been established for work-related traumatic hearing loss or occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

Payment: Once the worker has entitlement to a hearing aid, the W.S.I.B. pays up to the amount set out in the Operational Policy Manual document (18-01-05, Table of Rates). This amount covers the hearing aid and its integrated options and features.

Hearing Aid Repairs: After the warranty period, the W.S.I.B. may then pay reasonable costs to repair a hearing aid unless there is evidence that the device was deliberately damaged, misused, or the operating instructions were not properly followed. The W.S.I.B. also covers the cost for the loan of a hearing aid while repairs are being made.

Hearing Aid Replacements: Whenever the W.S.I.B. allows a request for a replacement hearing aid, it pays up to the amount set out in the Table of Rates unless the requested device meets the exception criteria outlined above.

Lost Hearing Aids: If the worker’s hearing aid is lost or stolen, the W.S.I.B. may authorize a replacement device on a once only basis.

Hearing Aid Batteries: The W.S.I.B. may authorize reasonable requests for the replacement of hearing aid batteries.

Hearing Aid Accessories: The W.S.I.B. may authorize payment for hearing aid accessories that are required for the proper care and maintenance of hearing aids. Hearing aid accessories include items such as a cleaning kit, sanitizer, wipes, brush, carrying case, battery tester, telephone pads, dri-aid kit, wax guard/basket, and ear mould blower.


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Veterans Affairs Canada

Pension Considerations: Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Causes and/or Aggravation

The timelines cited below are not binding. Each case should be adjudicated on the evidence provided and its own merits

Exposure to at least one episode of acoustic trauma just prior to clinical onset or aggravation. Acoustic trauma means a condition of sudden aural damage resulting from short-term intense exposure or a single exposure to loud noise, such as that made at close quarters by:

  • fireworks
  • small arms fire
  • gunfire
  • artillery fire
  • exploding grenades, mines or bombs blast injury

Most literature does not specify the range of noise levels likely to occur with any of these types of explosions. Noise levels are probably well in excess of 120 decibels. Extremely loud noises can rupture the ear drum and damage the ossicles. Less intense acoustic trauma may produce ear pain or a sensation of burning. temporary threshold shift, permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. The severity of the loss varies with the magnitude of the explosion and proximity to the blast.

There is evidence to support the notion that a single exposure to acoustic trauma may possibly be sufficient to induce a state of permanent threshold shift. This is, however, considered an unlikely event unless there is objective evidence of concomitant middle ear damage such as a ruptured ear drum or bleeding from the ear canal.


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Ontario Disability Support Program

If you are receiving Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support, you may be able to get additional help with your hearing aids and mobility devices.

How do I get these benefits?
You need to contact your local Ontario Disability Support Program office to get approval before you buy an alerting system, buy batteries or get repairs.


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